Shinjuku-Gyoen, Cherry blossom season has come

In 24th March, Cherry blossom (Sakura) has reached full bloom in Tokyo. It was 2weeks earlier than usual.

Shinjuku-Gyoen, one of the largest park in Tokyo, was full of visitor who enjoyed cherry-blossom viewing.

Some cherry blossoms bloom lower than other park so you can take a good picture.

If you go there, I strongly recommend that you should enter from Sendagaya Gete.

環境省_Acces Mapより
環境省_Acces Mapより

Most people use Shinjuku Gate so it is very crowded like following picture. When I used Sendagaya Gate, I only waited 5 minutes to buy a ticket.

Let’s enjoy Cherry blossom season!

Sensoji (Asakusa), Cherry Blossoms Bloom.

Sensoji, one of the most popular temple in Tokyo, is crowded despite weekdays.It is famous for its large red lantern. It shows “雷門(Kaminarimon)”. How many tourists would ask me for taking their picture if I were stand at the gate? …5 couples was asked me!

It also has the most popular Japanese tree, cherry blossoms. Tokyo is warmer than usual this year so I found it has already bloomed!! If you go to Sensoji, please enjoy not only a lantern but also cherry blossoms.